The Boss' Desire By Z.L. Arkadie & T.R. Bertrand

The Boss' Desire

By Z.L. Arkadie & T.R. Bertrand

  • Release Date: 2018-06-06
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 371 Ratings


Before him…

I didn't know what I wanted out of life, and certainly not in a man. But all of that began to change the morning I spilled coffee on a stranger's cashmere coat. 

His name was Nolan Patrick. 

Little did I know he was my new boss. Rumor had it he was a hard-nosed stiff. But they left out the part about him being so gorgeous that one glance could send you into a heavenly daze.  One thing led to another, and soon enough I was discovering his heart of gold while becoming his only desire. 

Then something beyond our control happened, which sent our budding romance into a tailspin. I thought we walked away from each other for good. But months later, here I am, staring into his intense eyes.

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  • The Boss’s Desire

    By kwtawalker
    Meh. Seemed too forced, and just didn’t flow well. I hate leaving bad reviews as I never want to crush on someone else’s efforts. The plot was good, the characters could have been more developed, and the reader does not need every detail spelled out. The reunion between Nolan and Abby was a great idea, but should have been plotted out better. There was no need for the reader to know every single detail about the packing up of the house...this is nothing but padding to fill a book, this also goes for the whole Italy thing. Instead, most readers would rather hear about the developing romance and way more detail than wham bam thank you ma’am ....this is what makes a great romance. In fact, the author could have gotten several pages out of the Christmas party...meeting at the bar, staring at one another across the room, interactions with co-workers, dancing while stirring the chemistry, a stolen kiss here and there, escaping together, etc....
  • Amazing!

    By hvcgjmvx
    From beginning, middle, and end. Great story plot, not doing too much, just perfect. Great transitions, very smooth. I love it!!